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Life Coaching is a powerful system for creating success in your life. Coaching usually is conducted by phone.  We will speak weekly, setting goals, solving problems and gaining insight.  You will … [Read More...]



Hiring Me as Your Life Coach... In all of my coaching services options, we will have powerful conversations that help you identify goals, objectives, visions, values and next steps. I work with … [Read More...]

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In my corporate career, I began to learn how to facilitate true growth in my direct reports, peers, and even my supervisor!  I realized that my real gifts and interests lay in helping people create … [Read More...]

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How Will My Site Be Customized For Me?

If you are interested in how your site will look in comparison to Total Prosperity, please read on! Your site will come similar, but not identical, to Total Prosperity. Here are some of the main differences: You will have your own domain name, business name, business subtitle and coach name Your own profile picture The menu structure will be similar, but we might modify it slightly depending on what type of coach you are You will have your own custom title slides.  When you get your site, only one title slide will appear in the slider rotation. You can easily switch which one … [Read More...]


What Exactly Can I Change?

What can you change on your Coaching Rapid Launch site?  In short, just about everything! Of course, there are easy things to do, and slightly more complicated things to do.  We will break some things down for you here, but we won't be able to list them all.  Rest assured, there is virtually nothing that is impossible.  It's a REAL WordPress website! Things you can do with your CRL website: Totally Easy! Change photos on your slider Change number of photos on your slider Choose/change which articles are linked to from the slider Change what articles appear in the three … [Read More...]


Your Coaching Rapid Launch Website

Your Coaching Rapid Launch (CRL) web site can help you create a presence on the web, quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with style! Better yet, you can continue to change, add-on to, and develop your website as much as you want.  Your only limits are your own creativity! Your CRL site is a REAL website.  It is WordPress driven, which means it is powerful, flexible, Google SEO-friendly, stable, and CHANGEABLE.  This is a website that can grow with you, throughout your career, in all its wonderful changes and iterations! There is nothing Google likes more than a site with fresh … [Read More...]


The Power of Your Own Coaching Blog

If you are starting a coaching business today, it is essential that you have a blog component to your website. As a coach, you have great ideas!  People want to read them!  And, you want to share them... Having your own blog allows you to easily share your ideas, whether an article, a short thought, or providing a link to an article you think people might find useful, interesting or fun. Your website is constructed just how Google likes it, with a blog for frequent and easy addition of fresh content. Your potential clients will be attracted to you from your articles and posts.  … [Read More...]

Interesting Article About Coaching

I found an interesting article about coaching...It addresses a question that many new clients ask! How Long Should You Keep Your Coach? … [Read More...]

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Working with Coach Michele has been rewarding, to say the least. With her help I’ve accomplished goals I didn’t expect to achieve for another 5+ years.
Bruce Sample, Science Executive